Zolpidem Diazepam Purchase Online

6. december 2011 at 21:44

Related article: Clonazepam* Diazepam* *Not FDA approved for this indication. **Phenytoin, phenobarbital, carbamazepine will not treat absence seizures. Addition of another anticonvulsant (ie. ethosuximide) would be needed. Antipsychotic Table Antipsychotic Equivalent Dosages Usual Adult Daily Sedation Extrapyramidal Side Anticholinergic Cardiovascular Agent (approx (mg) Maintenance Dose (mg) (Incidence) Effects Side Effects Side Effects Aripiprazole N/A 10-30 Low/Moderate Low Low Low/Moderate Chlorpromazine 100 200-1000 High Moderate Moderate Moderate/High Chlorprothixene 100 75-600 High Moderate Moderate Moderate Clozapine 50 75-900 High Low High High Fluphenazine 2 0.5-20 Low High Low Low Haloperidol 2 0.5-20

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